GO Consortium Meeting Report

The semi-annual meeting of the GO consortium was held in Cambridge, UK from 09/23-09/25, 2009. The purpose of these meetings is to report on progress made by individual groups, to inform the consortium members of any new features that are being developed, and to discuss issues related to ontology development and annotations. Specific areas of discussions include outreach to promote GO annotations of not yet annotated genomes, upgrades in the GO structure, as well as external ontologies.

Cross-Product Extensions of the Gene Ontology talk and paper available

Abstract: The Gene Ontology is being normalized and extended to include computable logical definitions. These definitions are partitioned into mutually exclusive cross-product sets, many of which reference other OBO Foundry ontologies. The results can be used to reason over the ontology, and to make cross-ontology queries.

This talk was presented at ICBO 2009.

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