Biocurator positions at "PomBase"

We are currently seeking applicants for two Biocurator posts for the Schizosaccharomyces pombe (fission yeast) Model Organism Database "PomBase". PomBase is a new collaborative project between the University of Cambridge, Ensembl Genomes Project at the European Bioinformatics Institute and University College London and will replace the existing GeneDB resource for fission yeast. One curator will be based at Cambridge University and one at University College London.

PomBase aims to develop a leading bioinformatics resource for the annotation and dissemination of molecular data related to the fission yeast. As a member of the Gene Ontology Consortium and the reference genome project, we work in close collaboration with other Model Organism Databases to annotate and display functional gene annotations.

The successful candidates will work with the project manager, a software engineer and a database developer to provide data to to the fission yeast community. As a biocurator you will be involved in literature curation using bioinformatics tools, and through direct involvement with the scientific community to assign functions, phenotypes and other biological data to genes.

Main Responsibilities:
• Read research articles and extract gene-specific data
• Contribute to the development of standard curation procedures (ontologies and vocabularies), working closely with other MODs
• Participate in data management processes such as data exchange and data releases
• Work closely with the fission yeast community answering queries, mentoring participants in the community curation initiative
• Run workshops on how to use the database and related tools
• Maintain documentation for annotation Standard Operating Procedures
• Prepare presentations and papers

• A Ph.D in Biology or related discipline or substantial curation experience
• Demonstrated ability for independent, critical thinking and attention to detail
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to work well as part of a team
• Good basic computer skills
* Experience working with fission yeast as an experimental organism OR previous experience of literature curation or ontology development.

• Experience with Internet-based literature searching, Unix, HTML, Perl and SQL would be useful but is not required.

For full details of both posts please see:

Informal enquiries can be directed to